Thanksgiving Turkeys

This year we're offering both fresh, raw, whole turkeys as well as roasted, boneless, unsliced turkey breasts from Green Circle. Every turkey that bears the Green Circle label is certified by Humane Farm Animal Care and raised free-range on a diet of wholesome grains and surplus vegetables from local markets. From start to finish, these birds are treated and fed well, and the result is a supremely tasty turkey. The turkeys are sourced from a collection of small Amish and Mennonite farms in Pennsylvania. 

Complete your Thanksgiving meal with a few of our homemade sides and desserts from our special order Thanksgiving menu, click here for our 2023 menu.

Turkeys are first come, first served this year, there is no hard deadline. We encourage you to order early since we will close ordering once we run out of turkeys to sell. 

Fresh, Raw, Whole Turkeys

Below are the turkey weights for the fresh, raw, whole turkeys. Turkey weights are approximate, please choose a weight range and understand you could get a turkey anywhere within that range. 

  • 12-16lbs - $115 per bird 
  • 16-20lbs - $145 per bird 
  • 20-24lbs - $175 per bird 

Not sure which size to order?
Typically assume 1.5 pounds for each adult and 1 pound for each child enjoying the turkey.

Fresh, raw, whole turkeys will be available for pick-up anytime on Tuesday, November 21st or Wednesday, November 22nd.

Note: unfortunately, due to a shortage of space, we cannot pre-cook, brine, or butcher the whole turkeys.

Roasted, Boneless, Unsliced Turkey Breasts

We're also offering roasted, boneless, unsliced turkey breasts this year. The average size is 2lbs, price is $85 each. 

Roasted, boneless, unsliced turkey breasts will be available for pick-up on Tuesday, November 21st and Wednesday, November 22nd. 

How to Order

Please call or visit in person one of our Boston-area locations or hit the button below to order online. 

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