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Raphaël Marmelade d'Abricot - 500g

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If you have tried a fresh apricot recently and have been disappointed with the aroma, texture or flavor, consider this preserve as an opportunity to see what carefully selected apricots of specific varieties can do. Raphael chooses the best varieties of apricots grown in the south of France and cooks them down until he has coaxed out all of the amazing flavor and aroma that they have to offer.

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Region Brittany
Country of Origin France
Producer Confitures de Raphael
Type of Fruit Apricot
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Confitures de Raphael

Raphael Guillo Lohan discovered his passion for jams while working on an apple orchard in his native Brittany. A bumper crop of apples left enough surplus for a trial batch of apple jam, and Raphael was hooked. Now he harvests organically-grown fruits from his own orchards, as well as a small selection of citrus fruits grown in the warmer regions of Europe. Each batch is made over an open fire in a big copper cauldron in his kitchen. A very short cooking time ensures the freshness and purity of fruit flavor that these jams are famous for. Each jar is lovingly adorned with a beautiful label drawn by Raphael's aunt.

When Raphael came to Boston in the spring of 2004 he saw stacks of his confiture lining the shelves of our store. For those of us who had been happily eating his jam since we first started importing it, it was a little like meeting a culinary superstar and we were so pleased to be able to thank him in person for mornings filled with apricot jam, cherry jam, raspberry-grapefruit jam....

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