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Contadini Sundried Cherry Tomatoes - 230g

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Ihsan & Valerie discovered the I Contadini Farm on a recent trip to the Puglia region of Italy. Puglia is known for its excellent growing climate for all sorts of grains, olive trees, and vegetables. Contadini takes advantage of this by growing a variety of vegetables which they then process and preserve. The family operates all aspects of the business, from growing the produce to sealing the jars.

Cherry tomatoes are cultivated in April and harvested by hand in July. The tomatoes are selected for quality, then washed, cut, and salted before they are laid out on wood frames in the sun to dry for 4-5 days. Again, the tomatoes are selected, washed, and finally seasoned before being submerged in a jar of extra virgin olive oil. 10kg of fresh cherry tomatoes result in just 800g.

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Region Puglia
Country of Origin Italy
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