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Comté Les Granges

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Our work with Marcel Petite has introduced us to many wonderful cheeses, and this younger Comté is one of our favorites.  Marcel Petite uses two aging facilities - one in the old munitions fort called Fort Saint Antoine and the other in Les Granges.  Each location offers a specific aging environment best suited to the cheeses that are hand selected by Claude - the master taster (chef du cave).

Comté Les Granges is aged 12-14 months for a dense texture and mildly fruity flavor - not as complex as the other Marcel Petite cheeses, but we find it perfect for sandwiches and fondue.

For more information on Marcel Petite and his wonderful Comté, please visit our travelogue to the Jura.

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Region Franche-Comté
Country of Origin France
Producer Marcel Petite
Type of Milk Cow
Flavor Profile Medium
Rennet Type Animal
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Marcel Petite

After WWII, Marcel Petite bought an unused munitions fort from the French Government because he felt that it would be the best environment for aging the 70lb wheels of French Gruyère known as Comté. Our first tastes of the Comté in the humid, medieval, cavernous fort brought forth such refined, delicate, and long lasting flavors that we were hooked. After much trust-building with Philipe and Claude, we are able to bring in wheels of Comté from the fruitières that we have found to suit the palate of our customers.

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