Jul 28th 2017

Wine Weekenders: Wine to Grab & Go & Give

Headed for the Cape, Islands, mountains or beach house this weekend? We've got just the thing to bring along: a Wine Weekender 'suitcase' from Formaggio Kitchen. This sturdy, lightweight, reusable and recyclable tote packs three bottles of wine from our renowned value shelves. Your pre-packed suitcase comes with either three dry, crisp white wines or three lively, summer-weight reds.

Whatever your destination -- even if its just your own backyard -- you'll show up bearing delicious, food-friendly, seasonally-appropriate and conscientiously-made wines. Even the price is distinctly welcoming: just $39.95 for the three - 10% less than if purchased individually.

A Wine Weekender suitcase (or two) makes the perfect hostess gift, and we remove all price labels so you don't have to give that a thought. Grab & Go just went a step further. Now it's Grab & Go & Give. Don't leave for the weekend without one.

Formaggio Wine Weekender 'Crisp, Cool Whites' 3 wine Suitcase - $39.95

Formaggio Wine Weekender 'Summer-weight Reds' 3 wine Suitcase - $39.95

Wine Weekenders are available at Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge and at Formaggio Kitchen South End with one day's notice.

Don't forget to visit us in Wine Corner every Thursday and Friday!