Our Products

Artisan Cheese

From family farms and the well-kept caves of individual affineurs to our tiny shop, the cheese at Formaggio Kitchen New York gets treated with loving care every step of its way to your table. We hand-pick cheeses from small producers we trust and whose methods we respect.

Let yourself be transported to France as you taste a Comté, made with summer milk and imbued with flavors of dandelions and fennel the cows graze upon in the foothills of Jura. Prefer Italy? Try Pecorino Caggiano, from a single family farm in Basilicata where they produce wonderfully rustic cheeses. 

Specialty Foods

We may be best known for our cheese, but we put our meat front and center—literally.  Entire legs of Jamón Serrano and hand-tied salame dangle from the ceiling. Sliced, diced, or bone-in and whole, all our specialty meat selections offer terrific Old World flavor.

We offer rich yet delicate pâtés ranging from the classic Pâté de Campagne to ultra-silky mousses. Or partake in the simple, porky indulgence of Berkshire Heritage Ham, made from a traditional breed of pig originating in England.

For our range of salame, taste comes first, followed closely by production methods that we respect. We feature Fra’Mani salame, a small-batch, hand-maker of cured meat headed by Paul Bertolli, formerly of Chez Panisse and author of Cooking by Hand. Fra’Mani salame is made in Berkeley, CA according to time-tested techniques. It is delicately seasoned and replete with the rich taste of pork goodness. We also offer artisanal salame from Salumeria Biellese which started as a small deli in Hell’s Kitchen in 1925 and which today remains devoted to taste and quality above all else.

Gourmet Provisions
To say our shelves are brimming with honeys, jams, oils, vinegars, salts, mustards, candy, chocolate, pastas and grains, and spices hardly tells the whole story. We’re talking honey made by bees feasting on the nectar of a single type of flower on one particular mountain in France. Italian candy from Romanengo, a family-owned producer who uses machinery from the 18th century. Jam bursting with fruit picked by the hands of a cher French ami of ours, whose grandmother pitches in and paints the labels in her four-hundred-year-old farmhouse.

Browse our selection, and you are in for some surprises. We are committed to finding the best of the best, a consideration that always trumps convention.

We hope to introduce you to a new favorite, or to provide something you thought you could only find in the Istanbul Spice Bazaar or au marché in Provence. Along the way, we’re only too happy to lend some support to individual artisans and the traditions they represent.