Holiday Roast Offerings

Our butcher team at the Huron Ave shop breaks down whole animals in house to give you the freshest meat possible. Our meat is sourced locally when possible and is always humanely raised. In the case, you’ll find your favorite cuts as well as some unique ones. For the holidays we're offering a variety of different roasts for you to take home and cook as you like. See details below.

Complete your holiday meal with a few of our homemade appetizers, sides, and desserts from our special order holiday menu, click here for our 2023 menu.

Holiday Roasts

Below are the cuts of meat we're offering for the holidays this year: 

  • Beef Tenderloin Roast - $48/lb
  • Bone-in Beef Rib Roast - $28/lb (order by the number of bones)
  • Bone-in Leg of Lamb - $18/lb
  • Boneless Leg of Lamb - $20/lb
  • Whole Duck - $9/lb
  • Duck Breasts - $25.95/lb
  • Whole Goose - $20/lb
  • Whole Pheasant - $16/lb

How to Order

To place an order for a roast, give the Huron Ave butcher shop a call at 617-354-4750 x1700 or visit the counter in person.

Orders must be placed by 4pm Saturday 12/16 for pick up Saturday 12/23 or Sunday 12/24.