We love our wines just as much as we love our cheese and we spend a lot of time tasting and arranging pairings that bring out the best in both.

With time, we have come to appreciate a term that is perhaps overused in the wine world but which is often misunderstood: terroir. For us terroir is simple expression of place. The makers of products that allow their ingredients to express the natural environment in which they have developed tend to send us the most compelling products on our shelves.

In the world of cheese, the truest expression of terroir comes to us from farmhouse producers making their cheese of raw milk. In the wine world, we have found that those producers who adhere to organic and biodynamic principles, give us wines of incomparable character. Yes, these products vary from year to year and sometimes dramatically so, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Why should a wine produced in a drought year taste the same as a wine produced in a rainy year? Our answer is that they shouldn’t and we celebrate these differences as true reflections of terroir.

Organic and Biodynamic Wines

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