Olive Oil

For some, olive oil is a simple ingredient in the kitchen – buy an inexpensive olive oil with a decent taste and use it in a variety of ways in your kitchen. For others, olive oil is a very special ingredient used in particular ways to complement the flavors and textures of other foods or to allow the oil to stand on its own with minimal adornment. We find ourselves coming to different olive oils for different reasons and it is helpful to understand some of the basics of olive oil to help you come to your own approach to buying and enjoying olive oil.

A Brief History of Olive Oil

Olive oil has been cultivated since about 6000 - 5000 BC.

Olive Oil Basics

Olive oil is the oil extracted from pressing olives.

Olive Oil Storage and Use

Store your olive oil away from light and heat!

Olive Oil Articles

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Olive Oil Buyer's Guide

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