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Culatello - sliced

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Culatello is known as the heart of the ham because it comes from the same part of the pig as prosciutto (the haunch), but it is trimmed down to only the tastiest portion of the leg.

We love this as the centerpiece of any salumi plate with a side of aged pecorino, some Ligurian olives, and perhaps a drop or two of fine balsamic.

We slice this half pound thinly and package it in a vacuum sealed packet.

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Region New York
Country of Origin United States
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  • Culatello - sliced

    This Culatello is excellent! The flavor is spot-on, and the color and aroma will have you salivating as soon as the package is opened. I consider myself lucky to have discovered it. I just hope that the 1/2 I bought actually makes it to my party tomorrow.

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