Weekend BBQ

Mark your calendars: Our Weekend BBQ is coming out of hibernation for Super Bowl Weekend! The team will be out front of the Huron Ave shop serving all of your favorites Saturday 2/11 and Sunday 2/12 from 11am-2pm. Give us a call at 617-354-4750 to place a pre-order and get ahead of the game!

The BBQ is first come, first served. If you'd like to place a pre-order, you must order by end of day Friday for pick up on Saturday or by end of day Saturday for pick up on Sunday. Please note the order minimum is $50. Pre-orders will be available for pickup at the register starting at 11am. To pre-order, please give us a call at 617-354-4750. 

Please note that pre-orders will not be reheated at pick up. Pre-ordered sandwiches will be deconstructed so the bread stays fresh. Any item not listed on the pre-order sheet may only be purchased at the BBQ during event hours. 

In 2007, we were voted Best Street Food by Boston Magazine, and in 2009 we were named one of the top ten best new BBQ spots in the US by Bon Appétit. Most importantly, we have a following of devoted regulars who make it all worthwhile. So stop by and join us for some great barbecue!


BBQ Menu

Items with * may be ordered as meat-only or as a sandwich and with your choice of extra sauce and/or onions on the side.


Item Price
St. Louis Pork Ribs $20/half rack $40/full rack
BBQ Roasted Chicken $15/half
Texas Beef Short Ribs $25/pound
Carolina Pulled Pork* $6/half pint $12/pint $24/quart
Chopped Beef Brisket* $6/half pint $12/pint $24/quart
Chili Fennel Pulled Chicken* $6/half pint $12/pint $24/quart
Cincinanati Chili $6/half pint $12/pint $24/quart
1/2 Pound All-Beef Pearl Hot Dog $10
Housemade Pork Sausage $10
Fried Chicken (Light/Dark 1/4) $7
Little Pearl Hot Dog $5
Creamy Mac and Cheese $4/half pint $8/pint $16/quart
Lamejun (Meat/Veggie) $5
BBQ Baked Beans $4/half pint $8/pint $16/quart
Zesty Fennel Slaw $4/half pint $8/pint $16/quart
Texas Potato Salad $4/half pint $8/pint $16/quart
Creole Rice and Beans $4/half pint $8/pint $16/quart
Shepherd's Salad $4/half pint $8/pint $16/quart
Stewed Collard Greens $4/half pint $8/pint $16/quart
Corn Maque Choux $4/half pint $8/pint $16/quart
Candied Yams $4/half pint $8/pint $16/quart
Cheesy Grits $4/half pint $8/pint $16/quart
Smothered Okra $4/half pint $8/pint $16/quart
Individual Mini Cornbread $2ea
Buttermilk Biscuits $2ea