Cheese Buyer's Guide

At Formaggio Kitchen, we know cheese inside and out. Whether you come to our stores or browse our website, we help you discover the most delicious cheeses available. Selecting the right cheese can be overwhelming, but with our guidance, we hope to make it approachable and enjoyable, if not downright exciting!


Key Considerations

  • Trust your palate. Enjoying cheese is very subjective – learn what you love.
  • Find a trustworthy purveyor (if you’re reading this, you’re all set).
  • Have an open mind. Artisan cheese production varies throughout the year and you may not always find what you were looking for. Read our descriptions, and choose something that sounds intriguing.
  • Buy cheese that will appeal to the people you are serving.
  • Buy smaller quantities more often to avoid prolonged storage.


How much cheese should I buy?

  • If the cheese is the main focus of the meal, estimate a total of 5-6 ounces of cheese per person.
  • If the cheese is being served alongside other offerings, estimate a total of 2-3 ounces per person.


Design your cheese course

While a single, perfect cheese can be a transcendent experience, we usually suggest a selection of four cheeses. This allows you to build a varied selection of textures, flavors and milk types: one cow’s milk, one goat’s milk, one sheep’s milk and one blue or more pungent variety.

  • Include different styles and textures: buttery, rich triple-cremes, firm, nutty Alpine-style cheeses, crumbly blues, runny washed-rinds.
  • Consider the source. Do you want to include a variety of countries, or focus a particular country or region?.
  • Think about your audience. Will your guests prefer milder, more approachable cheeses? Or would they enjoy stronger, more adventurous offerings?


Looking for a gift?

Our cheese samplers are the perfect cheese gift. Our cheesemongers choose a variety of cheeses representing different milks, textures, flavors and countries. Examples that we sell online can be found on our Cheese Clubs and Samplers page.

For a true cheese lover, the Formaggio Kitchen Cheese of the Month Club is your best bet. We ship out a package of cheeses each month that will expose you to an array of cheeses from around the world.


Learn More

To learn more about cheese, visit our cheese education page.