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A Cheese Club Membership Experience

It's so much more than a membership!

Each month we prepare a special selection of cheese for our monthly cheese subscribers. This is a labor of love for us, where we build a thematic and seasonal selection of cheeses which are looking and tasting their best. The first installment includes an Opinel carbon folding knife and a little cheese notebook for you to record your tasting notes. Join the club!

What's Included

Here's what's included in your monthly shipment:

  • 4 different cheeses cut to order and chosen according to an overarching theme, usually 1/3lb each but may differ depending on theme
  • Artisan crackers
  • A unique condiment to further complement the cheese selection
  • Collectable cheese information cards
  • Access to a live virtual learning event each month (that's also recorded) with experts that range from guest cheesemakers to affineurs (live cave tours!) to professional cheesemongers
  • 1 Opinel carbon steel knife (included in your first shipment)
  • A cheese notebook from 33 Books (included in your first shipment)

Additional Member benefits:

  • Free shipping on each month's shipment
  • Free shipping for any items added onto the monthly subscription. Members will receive a unique code each month providing free shipping for any items added onto the monthly subscription.
  • Direct access to our team of cheesemongers, ready to answer any cheese question that you may have
  • Special surprises and bonuses for our long term subscribers

How it Works

Each month our cheesemongers pick a theme to explore, this could be a region, milk type, aspect of cheesemaking, or something else entirely. The cheese is then cut to order and given to our shipping team who packages it with care along with a package of crackers, a condiment thoughtfully chosen to complement the cheeses, and a write-up about the cheeses and theme. This is also when any items our members have ordered to add on to their monthly shipment are added to the package.

Once shipped, our members receive an email with the date, time, and link to that month’s virtual tasting. This is a live event with one (or sometimes more) of our experts and/or producers. It’s an opportunity to learn about selected cheeses as well as ask questions. These events are recorded so you can watch them at your convenience if you can’t make the live stream.

Giving as a gift?

We’ve made it easy to gift the membership to any cheese lover in your life. You can purchase a single month for them to try out or pre-pay for 3, 6, or 12 months. You also can provide a gift message and/or their email address for us to contact them about the membership.

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The membership is $130 per month. You can purchase a recurring membership where you will be billed monthly or you can purchase a single month or pre-pay for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Making changes to your subscription is easy. Just log on to your Formaggio Kitchen account and hit “My Subscriptions.” There you will find options to change your delivery address, skip a month, cancel your subscription, pause your subscription, and/or update your billing information.

We ship out the monthly club packages the first full week of each month. While we can’t accommodate a custom ship date, you can skip a month or pause your subscription by logging into your Formaggio Kitchen account.

Our monthly club packages ship the first full week of each month. If you purchase mid-month your first shipment will be shipped the following month.

Your shipment will arrive the first full week of each month.

While we can’t customize what comes in the monthly selection, as a member you can add whatever products you’d like to take advantage of the free shipping that comes with your membership. Just place an order using the coupon code we emailed you and we’ll consolidate it all into one box to be shipped the first full week of the month.

Yes. If you don’t want all your items to be consolidated into one shipment you’ll need to place a separate order. Please note that in order to take advantage of your free shipping as a member all items must be consolidated into the monthly club shipment. Just make sure you use the coupon code we provided you if you want to place an order to have extra items tacked onto your monthly shipment.

You can reach our team at with any questions or concerns.

Yes, you can skip or pause your subscription and/or change your shipping address by logging into your Formaggio Kitchen account.

Yes! We provide a reward for every 6 months that you’re subscribed using the monthly, auto-renewing option.

We recommend enjoying your cheese within a month. To properly store your cheese, remove the plastic wrap (keep the cheeses wrapped in the paper) and place in the crisper drawer in your fridge.

Yes! Cheese is resilient. It is completely normal for the ice pack to be melted and room temperature upon arrival. Remove the plastic wrap on the cheeses (keep the cheeses wrapped in the paper) and place in the refrigerator to allow the cheese to rest and firm up. A fragrant smell is normal!

If you’re using our prepaid option you can apply a gift card to your purchase. However, unfortunately, we can’t take gift card payments for our monthly recurring memberships.

Orders must be placed the Sunday before the first full week of the month in order to be added to your monthly shipment.

Yes! You can gift just one month or pre-pay for 3, 6, or 12 months. Click here to view the gift options.

Customer Service

Questions or concerns?
Reach out to or call 617-354-7112 and we’ll take good care of you.