RaphaŽl Sampler - 10oz

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: France
Region: Brittany

Except for his citrus, RaphaŽl uses fruit organically grown in his orchards. He reduces varieties of a particular fruit to obtain the exact balance of flavor and texture he is looking for. Each batch is made over an open fire in a big copper cauldron in his kitchen in Brittany. Each jar is then lovingly adorned with a label designed by his aunt who carefully paints each type of fruit and fruit blend.

We designed this selection as a way for the uninitiated to become familiar with the great variety and amazing quality of these jams. Each package contains five 2-ounce jars of preserves wrapped together and tied with ribbon.

Produced By: Confitures de Raphael
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RaphaŽl Sampler - 10oz
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