Comté Grand Cru

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: France
Region: Franche-Comté
City / Village: Pontarlier
Type of Milk: Cow
Flavor Profile: Strong

After WWII, Marcel Petite bought an unused munitions fort from the French Government because he felt that it would be an ideal environment for aging his 70lb wheels of French Gruyère known as Comté.  And it is. Our first tastes of the Comté in the humid, medieval, cavernous fort brought forth such refined, delicate, and long lasting flavors that we were hooked.  After much trust-building with Philipe and Claude, we are able to import the wheels of Comté that we have found to suit the palate of our customers.

Our relationship also allows us to bring in these limited Grand Cru wheels of Comte that are aged for 30 months.  We get these wheels once or twice a year and they always sell out very quickly. This cheese is a few months younger than the Extra Grand Cru, but still has an exceptionally dense flavor with notes of grilled fruit, nuts and caramel. 

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Produced By: Marcel Petite
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Comté Grand Cru
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