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Honey & Jam

It's easy to be captivated by a jar of artisanal honey or jam. The flavors are not what you might expect... some of the honeys are both bitter and sweet and others have an intense earthiness. Many of our honeys are from the nectar of recognizable flowering plants such as chestnut, lavender or orange blossom while others are from the nectar of plants that are less known such as arbutus or linden. Each honey has its own distinct aroma and flavor and work perfectly on a toasted slice of crusty bread or paired with your favorite cheese.

The jams and preserves we carry are the purest expression of the fruit that we can find. Each producer has their own particular style from the regional fruit selections to the amount of sugar used and the amount of time the fruit is cooked. We love using our jams to sweeten a morning meal or to accompany an evening cheese plate.