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Perbellini Sbrisolada Italian Shortbread 350g

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In addition to making our favorite panettone, the Perbellini family produces a few other delicacies such as this delicate and flavorful almond biscuit called Sbrisolada.

Sbrisolada comes from the historical city of Mantova, in Italy's Lombardy region, just a few kilometers from the Perbellini bakery. The name is derived from the local Mantova dialect 'Brisa' meaning crumbs, which are the inevitable result of breaking off pieces of this large biscuit to eat alongside your sweet wine or grappa.

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Region Veneto
Country of Origin Italy
Producer Pasticceria Perbellini
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Pasticceria Perbellini

Nestled in the Po Valley is a sweet coffee shop that has been making panettone for years. Their beautiful sweet breads are one of the most popular gift items we offer during the Holiday season. Each panettone is simple in its presentation: wrapped in natural brown or white paper with dark blue or brown writing, with a cotton cord tie with a small twig handle made from the local muscat grape vines. Perbellini is one of the few producers we have found who works with natural yeasts to make their panettones. This traditional method sets them apart from more high-volume producers. The quality is evident when you open the package and breathe in the aroma of the bread. It has a beautiful yeasty aroma with a hint of the rum used in the recipe. We offer their traditional panettone with candied fruit mixed in, their Pandoro is a plain bread made in a taller format and their amazing offela d'oro is a slightly richer recipe with no candied fruit and a topping of candied walnuts and confectioner's sugar.

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