Our coffee collection is modest but well curated. We work import coffee from some of the best Italian roasters including Torrefazione Giamaica Caffe, Piantagione del Caffe, Illy and the famed Sant’ Eustachio in Rome. We also work with some of the top roasters in the US.

If you have lived in the Boston area for a while, you may remember The Coffee Connection that predated Starbucks and the West Coast coffee revolution. George Howell began that company out of a distinct passion for well-selected, well-roasted and well-brewed coffee. While the Coffee Connection is no more (it was bought by Starbucks in 1994), George Howell keeps his personal dedication to the art of good coffee alive with the George Howell Coffee Company based in Acton, MA.

In addition to George’s coffees, we stock beans from Stumptown Coffee Roasters based in Portland OR, but roasts our beans in their Brooklyn roastery. We work with coffee roasters throughout New England as well. Our goal is to offer a range of coffees that appeal to a range of tastes – from those who swear by Italian roasters to those who demand beans no more than two or three weeks “off roast”.

We invite you to explore our selection and find a coffee that suits your own palate.

General Principles of Coffee Brewing

The amount of effort you are willing to put into your brewing is up to you, but in our experience, it is well worth understanding the biggest influencers in brewing technique.

How to Buy Coffee

Follow these tips to ensure you purchase a good bag of coffee.

Two Common Coffee Brewing Techniques

Here are our instructions for the two most common manual coffee brewing techniques.

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