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As with our other products, we seek out artisan producers and we taste… and we taste again – especially in the case of chocolate. We import chocolate from several producers who purchase select chocolate that matches their desired sourcing, taste and texture profile and they work with that chocolate in various ways to produce bars and confections that are particular to them. Most blend their chocolate with sugar, some add cocoa butter or emulsifier (soy lecithin) and some add a touch of vanilla. Other producers work with raw cacao beans and control the process from roasting, winnowing and grinding to the finished bars you find on our shelves. The pride of our chocolate selection is the American bean-to-bar producers who work their magic on small scale.

When you buy chocolate it helps to know a bit about where it comes from and what went into making it. In this section we provide a bit of background that we have found helpful in our appreciation of chocolate. So bite into that piece of artisan made, single origin chocolate and read on!

Chocolate Education

A Short History of Cocoa and its Production

The earliest evidence suggests that the cacao tree (Theobroma Cacao) originated in the Amazon or Orinoco basin. It is believed that the Olmec civilization of mesoamerica was the first to utilize cacao beans both as a form of currency and as a food product.

Cacao Varieties

One might be tempted to think that cacao is cacao but, as with many fine foods, there is much more beneath the surface.