Boston Wine & Beer

Our Wine Selection

Our wine philosophy is simple: we like delicious wines from small producers. Our space is limited, so we personally taste and carefully handpick every wine on our shelves. We admire and support sustainable, organic and biodynamic producers who believe in letting the personality of their grapes & land shine through.

We strive to meet winemakers in person and whenever possible to visit their properties to gain a more complete idea of the winemaker’s philosophy, the terroir, the weather, and the local foods and cheeses. Julie Cappellano, our wine buyer since 2004, has visited wineries, winemakers, and cheesemakers in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Portugal.

Because many of our wines are obscure or rare, our goal is to make them easy and accessible to you. Giving us an idea of wines you already like, or the types of foods you will be serving your wine with will help us to find the perfect wine for you. Ask us about our favorite wine and cheese pairings! For information on our wines, questions, comments, or to place special orders, please feel free to contact our wine buyer at

Our Beer Selection

For information on our beers, questions, comments, or to place special orders, please feel free to contact our beer buyer, at


Wine & Beer Catering

We can add wine and/or beer to any catering order placed with us, or help you choose the perfect beverages to pair with your dinner, tasting or any size party. Email us with your party size and what food you’re serving to start the conversation! If you’re placing a catering order with us, ask our catering staff for recommendations to pair with your order. We can also provide sodas and still or sparkling water.