Monte Enebro

Country of Origin: Spain
Region: Castile y León
City / Village: Avila
Type of Milk: Goat
Cheese Style: Mold-ripened
Flavor Profile: Medium-strong

Created by Rafael Baez and now produced with the help of his daughter Paloma, this goat's milk cheese is covered with ash when fresh and aged so that it develops a bloomy and blue rind over the course of 45 days.

The cheese is striking in its flattened log shape and in the stark contrast between the blue-black rind and the smooth, bright white interior. The flavor has the typical tart flavors of fresh goat cheese, but it also has a beautiful earthy depth with vegetal tones and a touch of salt. If you choose to eat the rind, you'll find a spiciness that complements the rich interior. Pair this with a dab of stronger honey such as Dario Pozzolo's chestnut honey or the Bruyere honey from Lo Brusc. in the Sierra del Gredos mountains of Avila, near Madrid. 

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Monte Enebro
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