Solera 77 Riserva Sherry Vinegar - 8.46oz

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Solera 77 Special Reserve Sherry Vinegar is made from Palomino Fino wines and is aged in one of the oldest Solera systems in Jerez - some barrels contain vinegar that is over 50 years old. We love this vinegar in our salad dressings but even more as an brightening element in sauces we make from the fond of meats that we cook.

Videsan is a family owned business with 4 generations of experience dedicated to the crafting of oak barrels, winemaking and the careful aging of Sherry wines and Sherry wine vinegars. Since 1970 the Monge family has focused 100% of their efforts exclusively to the production and aging of Sherry wine vinegars within the Denomination of Origin Vinagres de Jerez.

"Jerez" in Spanish, "Xeres" in Catalan or "Sherry" in English is the famous wine produced within the geographical triangle formed by the towns of Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlucar de Barrameda and Puerto de Santa Maria. This area, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, receives tremendous sunshine and cooling breezes from the sea. Using the Palomino variety grape, traditional winemakers make a dry aromatic white wine that has been made famous around the world. It is this wine that is then turned into Jerez Vinegar.

Vinagre de Jerez is created by innoculating select Sherry wines with a bacterium that will help acetify the wine and ultimately turn it into a vinegar. The resulting vinegar is then aged in a Solera aging system which is essentially a system of barrels each containing a progressively older batch of vinegar than the barrel before. The method is similar to the aging method used for balsamic vinegars, but in the Solera method, primarily oak barrels are used. As the oldest barrel is drawn from for a bottling of vinegar, it is topped up by taking an equal amount of vinegar from the preceeding barrel. The very first barrel is then topped up with a new batch of vinegar.

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Solera 77 Riserva Sherry Vinegar

  • Solera 77 Riserva Sherry Vinegar