Époisses de Bourgogne - each

Country of Origin: France
Region: Burgundy
City / Village: Époisses
Type of Milk: Cow
Cheese Style: Washed Rind
Flavor Profile: Stinky

Époisses de Bourgogne is made in the Burgundian village of Époisses located halfway between Dijon and Auxerre. A classic washed rind cheese made from the milk of the French Simmenthal, Montbeliarde and Brune breed cows. The rind of this soft cow's milk cheese is washed with marc de Bourgogne, or brandy. This lends a burnt saffron color to the rind and contributes to it's pungent aroma. Don't be turned off by this odorous cheese. The interior paste of the cheese is creamy and luxurious with buttery, meaty and complex flavors. Napoleon was a particular fan of Époisses, and the famous epicure Brillat Savarin classed it as the "king of all cheeses".

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Époisses de Bourgogne - each
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