Chocolat Durand (16pc)

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: France
Region: Brittany
City / Village: Rennes

This little patisserie and tea salon in Brittany started making chocolates infused with herbs and spices during Christmas time in 1987 in response to customer demand. Maître Chocolatier Mme Brigitte Roussel makes all of her chocolates using dark chocolate of 64% cacao content, paired beautifully with exotic spices, flowers and teas.  Madame Roussel produces 32 different flavor combinations, each handmade tile is numbered and the beautifully packaged boxes come with a corresponding flavor guide.

For this 16 piece box, we tasted through her selection and chose our favorites. We find that these chocolates are always a delicious source of entertainment and pleasure at the end of a meal.

This is a seasonal product that is typically available October - May. Each delivery we receive is wrapped with a different color paper.

Produced By: Durand Chocolatier
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Chocolat Durand (16pc)
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