Mulino Marino PandiSempre Flour - 1kg

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Piedmont
City / Village: Cossano Belbo

Pandisempre... pan di sempre - every day bread. The name of this flour is a bit misleading. In the US, every day flour is all-purpose - the commodity flour that is used to dust our butcher block or pizza peel as we whip up a pizza dough or a batch of cookies.

The Marino family wants you to reconsider what you use for your every day flour and we do too. Move on from bland all-purpose flour with all of the nutrients removed and try this flour! Using a blend of 100% stone ground farro, enkir and wheat, not only does this flour offer deeper flavor and a more toothsome texture, because of the slow stone grinding, it retains much of the natural nutrient value of the original grains.

This blend makes incredible bread all on its own, but it also can be blended 50% to 50% with Tipo 00 flour for an incredible pizza dough!

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Mulino Marino PandiSempre Flour - 1kg
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