My Olive Tree Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: Greece
Region: Messinia
City / Village: Karpofora

This oil comes to us from the Karelas family and their olive groves located in the area around the village Karpofora, in Messinia, Southern Greece. The olive groves have been in the family for five generations and produce Koroneiki olives for this oil as well as Kalamata olives for eating.

The Koroneiki olives are hand-harvested between December and January every year and are pressed withing hours of being picked.

The simple and attractive packaging contains an elegant clear glass bottle containing the brilliant golden green oil. In April 2014 My Olive Tree was awarded a Gold award in the New York International Olive Oil Competition.
The oil has a fresh floral and herbal aroma with notes of green fruit, and green grass. The taste is very balanced with a pleasant newly ripe fruit flavors with notes of artichoke and just a whiff of bitterness.

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My Olive Tree Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml
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