Carquinyolis Sant Quintí - 200g

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Country of Origin: Spain
Region: Catalonia
City / Village: Sant Quintí de Mediona

Sant Quintí de Mediona in the province of Barcelona is home of the first reference to the manufacture carquinyolis in the year 1881. Carquinyolis is the name used to describe a dry and sweet almond cookie typical of Catalonia and other areas of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Italian biscotti is similar in that it is a crunchy almond cookie, but it is quite distinct in its own right. These Carquinyolis are flattish and misshapen with streaks of caramelized sugar here and there. They are very crunchy and have a sweet, delicate almond flavor.
Carquinyolis Sant Quintí are made by the Argemí–Salat family, who have been making them since 1991 in the village of Sant Quintí de Mediona (Alt Penedès).
In Catalonia carquinyolis are made in many villages, but "Carquinyolis Sant Quintí " are unique in the extent of the local recognition of the high quality and originality of the Argemí family's version of this traditional Catalan cookie.
The Carquinyolis Sant Quintí are eaten any time of year , alone or accompanied by other products like cava, champagne, sweet wine (moscatel), foie gras, etc. While there are many creative pairings one could discover, perhaps including cheese!
The ingredients of Carquinyolis Sant Quintí are sugar, flour, eggs and 
almonds. The ingredients are only of the highest quality and are sourced within Alt Penedès, Catalonia.

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Carquinyolis Sant Quintí - 200g
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