Ravidą Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 750ml

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Sicily
City / Village: Menfi

In the sun-baked soil of Sicily, in the heart of the Mediterranean, Signor Ravidą produces this superb oil made from olive trees that have grown for generations on the family farm "La Gurra ". The oil is unfiltered and made by blending Cerusuola, Biancolilla and Nocellera del Belice varieties of olive. This oil has a light green color and is perfectly suited for grilling fish, brushing on meats, or as a seasoning for salads, tomato dishes and vegetables. Our favorite use is to drizzle it on a young piece of pecorino with a dash of fresh oregano.

Produced By: Ravida
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Ravidą Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 750ml
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