Katz Chef's Pick Olive Oil - 500ml

Country of Origin: United States
Region: California

From the olive groves of Katz & Co. in the Napa Valley, this certified organic, small production extra virgin olive oil is the oil of choice for many of the finest restaurant kitchens and their chefs.

The blend is made up of three classic Tuscan cultivars, Leccino (50%), Frantoi and Maurino (35%) with the remaining 15% made up of Ligurian cultivar Taggiasca and an olive typically grown near Lake Garda called Casaliva. This unfiltered oil has rustic charm with grassy, floral overtones, rich fruitiness and a lush mouth feel, with good balance and a nice pungency in the finish. It enhances a wide array of foods and is the perfect condiment quality oil for the professional and home cook.

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Katz Chef's Pick Olive Oil - 500ml
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