Perbellini Sbrisolada - 600g

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Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Veneto
City / Village: Bovolone

In addition to making our favorite panettone, the Perbellini family produces a few other delicacies such as this delicate and flavorful almond biscuit called Sbrisolada.

Sbrisolada comes from the historical city of Mantova, in Italy’s Lombardy region, just a few kilometers from the Perbellini bakery. The name is derived from the local Mantova dialect ‘Brisa’ meaning crumbs, which are the inevitable result of breaking off pieces of this large biscuit to eat alongside your sweet wine or grappa.

Produced By: Pasticceria Perbellini
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Perbellini Sbrisolada - 600g
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