Mediterranean Pine Nuts - 2.5 oz pkg.

Country of Origin: Portugal
Region: Alentejo

The Mediterranean pine nut is a different variety of nut than the more common Chinese or Korean pine nuts. It has a more elongated shape and to us it has a more complex flavor and creamier texture. For these reasons this pine nut from Portugal is our preferred pine nut for pesto or for confections calling for pine nuts.

These Portuguese pine nuts are from the stone pine trees (Pinus pinea) that grow throughout south and central Portugal. From mid-December to late March, the pine cones are collected from the trees both by hand and using vibrating tools that knock the pine cones from the branches. The cones are then placed on open-air terraces where they are exposed to the heat of the summer sun. As they dry, the pine cones open up. Once sufficiently open, the pine cones are struck together to release the pine kernels.

After the kernels are released, the shells are cracked open to allow the seed to be removed. The pine nuts are then washed and sorted to ensure the highest quality. The pine cones and the kernel shells, once spent, are sold to be reused as fuel in boilers for the biomass industry.

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Mediterranean Pine Nuts - 2.5 oz pkg.
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