Ames Farms Basswood Honey - 9 oz

Country of Origin: United States
Region: Minnesota

Ames Farms produces some of the finest varietal honeys in the U.S.  In any given year, they harvest upwards of 15 different varietal honeys by meticulously monitoring the predominant blooms of the season and capturing the resulting honey by coordinating the harvest from their 18 different hive sites throughout Northern Minnesota. 

The Basswood (American Linden) is a wonderfully light honey with an incredibly floral aroma and a clean sweetness with a lightly minty finish.  We love a bit stirred into our tilleul tea (the pairing makes sense as tilleul is the French for the European Linden tree).

Produced By: Ames Farms
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Ames Farms Basswood Honey - 9 oz
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