Country of Origin: Belgium
Region: Flanders
City / Village: Hamont-Achel
Type of Milk: Cow
Cheese Style: Blue
Flavor Profile: Strong

Made by Peter and Bert Boonen using pure cow's milk from their dairy located in Hamont-Achel, in the Flanders region of Northern Belgium.

This stunning blue comes to us in a large wheel speckled with blue and grey molds. The interior of this cheese is one of the most striking of our many blue cheeses.  It is made by hand packing large curds of cheese into a mold, as the blue spreads through the cracks in between each curd, it takes on an appearance closer to that of marble than to conventionally made blue cheeses.

We find that it has a nicely balances a grassy sweetness with an earthy spice. It has a lovely creamy texture on the palate and a long finish. Its a eye catching addition to any cheese plate and pairs nicely with a drizzle of herbal honey.

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