Azeitão 7oz

Country of Origin: Portugal
Region: Alentejo
City / Village: Quinta do Anjo
Type of Milk: Sheep
Cheese Style: Washed Rind
Flavor Profile: Medium-strong

This petite cheese is a D.O.P. cheese made in the south west of Portugal at the foot of the Arrábida mountains.  Azeitão is made from the milk of the Lacuna and Saloia sheep that graze the mountains and valleys of the area.

The first Azeitão was the inspiration of a farmer who spent his summers in the Alentejo region away from his home in Serra da Estrela. He missed the cheese of his home (Serra da Estrela) and asked a local cheesemaker to produce a similar cheese during his summer visits. The result was Azeitão which was granted its DOP designation in 2003.

This cheese is made with milk, salt and the flower of the locally grown cardoon plant (Cynara Cardunculus L.) which acts as a coagulant in place of other types of rennet. In this sense, this cheese (and many others in Portugal) are truly vegetarian. The result is an almost pudding-like texture when ripe and a distinctive flavor that balances the milk flavor with a persistent herbaceousness.

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Azeitão 7oz
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