Xocolates Aynouse 85% with Orange Peel - 150g

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: Spain
Region: Catalonia
City / Village: Agramunt

This chocolate bar is beautifully intense and flavorful. Using a blend of cacao sourced from Africa, Venezuela and Ecuador, Javier Rodriguez uses stone grinding equipment to create a paste that is then formed into a thick bar of chocolate. This particular bar as the added bonus of being studded with plump pieces of candied orange peel. It is dark and intense with a perfect balance of sweet and bitter with with an earthy backdrop of flavor. The texture is grainy from the stone grinding method which yields larger sugar and chocolate grains.

Please note, this is a rustic style of chocolate and is prone to blooming. This means that some of the bars may have a whitish color on the exterior. This bloom does not affect the flavor of the bar.

Produced By: Xocolates Aynouse
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Xocolates Aynouse 85% with Orange Peel - 150g
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