Sardinian Ladyfingers "Savoiardi" - 300g

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Sardinia
City / Village: Galtelli

While driving around Sardinia looking for what else---cheese, we picked up a bag of these and fell in love with their simple soft texture and taste.  We kept the opened bag in the car for most of the week and they were as perfect the last day as they were the first. 

They are the classic artisanal ladyfinger biscuit. Made solely with sugar, eggs, and extra-fine flour, they're essential for tiramisu, wonderful with sabayon and berries, and act as sponges for liqueurs and juices. 

Produced By: Saturnino Monne e Figli
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Sardinian Ladyfingers "Savoiardi" - 300g
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