Rogue Porcelana

Country of Origin: United States
Region: Massachusetts
City / Village: Three Rivers

Tasting our first bars of chocolate from Colin Gasko's Rogue chocolatier was a revelation.  Each package listed the flavor notes Colin found when he tasted his bars and as we tasted them we mentally checked them off in our minds - cedar, cassis, blackberry, toasted cherry...  The fruitiness of the chocolate was unlike any we had tasted before - it was fresh and alive in our mouths and as it melted away, it left its lingering essence of deep chocolate flavors. 

Colin's chocolates are made in tiny batches where he controls every aspect of production from the roasting of the beans to the winnowing and grinding. 

His Porcelana is made using a rare cacao from Venzuela. The cacao gets its name from the cream colored beans found inside the cacao pod. This bar has a dense texture and a deep, rich chocolate flavor with notes of ripe cherries.

Produced By: Rogue Chocolatier
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Rogue Porcelana
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