Oregon's Choice Smoked Chinook Salmon - 3oz

Country of Origin: United States
Region: Oregon

Oregon's Choice chinook salmon is caught from a sustainable fishery by Captain Herb Goblirsch (that's him on the label). This is wild, ocean-troll caught salmon caught at the peak of quality while feeding on a natural diet off Alaskan shores. The fish is cured with brown sugar, salt and spices then smoked over alderwood. The Oregon's Choice fishery has received the coveted Marine Stewardship Council certification as eco-friendly and sustainable.

Herb Goblirsch and his family have been fishing and canning for over 20 years. Buying our tuna from Herb provides us with a direct link to the source so that we can ensure consistent quality of the product.

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Oregon's Choice Smoked Chinook Salmon - 3oz
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