Sicilian Salted Anchovies

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Sicily

These large, bone-in anchovies are hand-packed in salt using the traditional method of preservation. Each fish is cleaned and prepped, but still has the bones inside. While perhaps a bit labor intensive to the beginner, removing the bones is a worthwhile effort given the payoff of beautifully intense anchovy flavor. After tasting these, you may never lay hands on a jar of oil-soaked anchovies again.

Rinse each fish carefully in running cold water. Using a paring knife, gently open the fish from the belly until the fish is almost opened flat. Pull the spine from the head toward the tail. Most, if not all of the bones will be removed. Give the fish one final rinse if you'd like a bit less salt or use immediately for full effect.

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Sicilian Salted Anchovies
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