Farro, Whole Grain, Gioie di Fattoria - 500g

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Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Le Marche

Farro (also known as emmer) is an unhybridized ancestor of modern wheat. It has a hearty, nutty flavor, and has been grown throughout Europe  for centuries.  Just as in barley and oats,, the farro husk adheres to the grain making its fiber and nutrient content particularly high.  Vitamin E, an antioxidant important to health and disease resistance, is prevalent in farro. Protein content is high also, and when combined with legumes as in many Tuscan Recipes, it forms a complete protein source. 

This ancient grain has grown in popularity for its healthful qualitites, its forgiving cooking ability and for its toothsome texture. It works beautifully in soups such as kale and mushroom or served cold as a salad with tomatoes, olives and basil. Il Tarabuso is a family farm in Umbria that cultivates their own farro along with several other small farms in the region.

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Farro, Whole Grain, Gioie di Fattoria - 500g
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