La Guinelle Vinaigre Vermeil - 16oz

Country of Origin: France
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon

This fantastic vinegar is hand-made by Nathalie Herre and Michel Giurt from sweet, heady Banyuls wine. Superb quality at a great price. All told, this is a vinegar that is five years in the making.  It takes four years to make the Banyuls wine, which is allowed to mature in barrels exposed to the open air.  Once the wine is ready, the vinegar production begins with combining the wine with the banyuls mother and again stored in open top barrels of oak.  After more than 8 months,  but before the alcohol is entirely transformed into acetic acid, the vinegar is removed and bottled unfiltered.

This natural process stands in stark contrast to the more common industrial methods, which move wine to vinegar in all of 15 days which results in lots of acidity and very little depth of flavor.

The Vermeil vinegar is based on a 16th Century recipe, where a bouquet garnis of sorts is suspended over the aging barrels of banyuls vinegar to allow the cloves and cinnamon time to gently infuse the vinegar with their flavors. Drizzle over a fresh arugula salad or warm lentils.

Produced By: La Guinelle
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La Guinelle Vinaigre Vermeil - 16oz
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