San Giacomo Quince Vinegar - 100ml

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Emilia-Romagna
City / Village: Novellara

One night after a tasting of balsamic vinegars with Andrea Bezzecchi of Acetaia San Giacomo, Andrea showed us seven slender bottles with hand-written labels with words such as "biere", "mela cotogna", "Lambrusco" and "Ginepro" on each.

That night we learned about his bold new project to create a line of unique, slow-process (aka Orleans) vinegars, using ingredients from local farms (organic whenever possible).

His quince vinegar was the first we brought in and is still a favorite for its lightly fruity aroma that carries through beautifully in its flavor alongside the vinegar's bracing acidity.

Produced By: Acetaia San Giacomo
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San Giacomo Quince Vinegar - 100ml
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