Wood's Boiled Cider - 16oz

Country of Origin: United States
Region: Vermont
City / Village: Springfield

The Wood family has been making Cider Jelly since 1882. They use the same apple press they started out with to grind and press fresh apples to make sweet cider.á The cider is then evaporated in a wood-fired stainless steel evaporator until the cider is reduced to 1/7 of its original volumne and becomes this sweet and intensely appley concentrated syrup.á It couldn't be any simpler: just concentrated cider with nothing added, no preservatives or sweeteners.

Use this syrup on your pancakes for a bright and sweet alternative to maple syrup or use it in more savory applications such as using it as a glaze for a pork tenderloin.á It can also be used as an ingredient in hot or cold beverages.

Produced By: Wood's Cider Mill
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Wood's Boiled Cider - 16oz
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