Mulino Marino Enkir Wheat Flour - 1kg

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Piedmont
City / Village: Cossano Belbo

Enkir is a type of small spelt and belongs to the diploid species that first appeared in the Middle East approximately 12,000 years ago.  As a wild cereal it has a natural resistance to sicknesses and stress and as a result doesn't need fertilization or pesticides.  This is why it is considered to be a true organic cereal.  Its flour has a high protein content and appears surprisingly yellow, having a high level of caratenoids which are efficient natural antioxidants.

This flour is best in simple preparations and optimal results are obtained by using wild yeast.  Start by making a simple bread and notice the beautiful golden color!

Produced By: Mulino Marino
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Mulino Marino Enkir Wheat Flour - 1kg
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