All Truffle Bundle

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

We love truffles. And, we know many of our customers feel the same. In this bundle we bring together some of our favorite truffle-infused foodstuffs to stock the larder.

This parcel contains a jar of truffle honey, a bottle of truffle oil, a container of truffle salt and one box of artisan, Italian truffle pasta from master pasta-maker, Marco Giacosa. The honey works beautifully with many Italian cheeses such as Calcagno, Parmigiano Reggiano or Robiola Incavolata. The truffle oil is perfect for livening up any pasta dish, mac and cheese or in a salad. The salt is ideal for an indulgent bowl of popcorn, pasta or sprinkled over roasted chicken. And the pasta? Well, that's mighty fine all by itself with just a little bit of olive oil to make sure you can easily twirl it around your fork. Enjoy!

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All Truffle Bundle
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