Dram Bitters Sampler

Country of Origin: United States
Region: Colorado
City / Village: Silver Plume

A small section of our store is dedicated to cocktail ingredients and Dram bitters have become an integral part of that collection. From our first taste, we found that these bitters had more complexity and finesse than many other bitters we have come across.

Used in small quantities, bitters can add depth and subtlety to your favorite cocktail and used in larger quantities, can take center stage in your own creations!

This sampler includes four 1/2 oz bottles (with dropper tops) of each of the dram bitters: Hair of the Dog, Citrus Medica, Bird and Bees and Wild Mountain Sage. The four bottles are nestled in a bed of wild reindeer lichen.

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Dram Bitters Sampler
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