Peppercorns (white Muntok) - 4oz pkg.


Black, white and green peppercorns all come from the same Piper nigrum plant, a vine that grows primarily in hot, humid, tropical environments such as India (primarily), Indonesia, and Brazil. While black peppercorns are simply the dried unripe berries, the processing of white peppercorns is a little more involved. 

These white peppercorns come from the hills near the city of Muntok on the Indonesian island of Bangka. The growers harvest ripe and semi-ripe berries and tightly pack them into jute sacks. The sacks are then immersed in flowing water for one to two weeks depending upon the ripeness of the fruit. During this period, the outer husk softens and loosens from the hard core. After being removed from the water, the peppercorns are washed until no husk remains. The peppercorns are then dried in the sun and because there is no enzyme to turn them black, they remain a creamy-white color.

White pepper tends to be slightly hotter than black pepper and the ‘heat hit’ attacks the taste buds faster.  White pepper is traditionally used in sauces, soups or other recipes where you want to maintain a white or creamy color without black flecks of pepper throughout.

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Peppercorns (white Muntok) - 4oz pkg.
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