Xocolates Aynouse 65% with Olive Oil - 150g

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: Spain
Region: Catalonia
City / Village: Agramunt

This chocolate bar is beautifully intense in a rustic, simple and pure way. Using a blend of cacao sourced from Africa, Venezuela and Ecuador, Javier Rodriguez uses stone grinding equipment to create a paste that is blended with olive oil to give it a slightly smoother texture. The olive oil also gives the bar an unexpected complexity of flavor with a subtle vegetal sweetness. As with all of his bars, this thick slab offers a deep, earthy flavor. The texture is grainy from the stone grinding method and delicate from the addition of the olive oil.

Please note, this is a rustic style of chocolate and is prone to blooming. This means that some of the bars may have a whitish color on the exterior. This bloom does not affect the flavor of the bar.

Produced By: Xocolates Aynouse
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Xocolates Aynouse 65% with Olive Oil - 150g
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