Sorelle Nurzia Amaretti - 250g

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Abruzzo
City / Village: Bazzano

From Sorelle Nurzia, these soft amaretti make a perfect complement to a cup of dark espresso or a glass of vin santo.

Located in Bazzano, in the Abruzzi region of Italy, Sorelle Nurzia was founded in 1835 by Gennaro Nurzia. Gennaro was an experienced distiller and decided to expand his expertise into   the realm of confectionery.  A turning point for the company came under the stewardship of Gennaro's  grandson, Ulisse Nurzia. Ulisse expanded the company's product range and aggressively experimented with new recipes. He was responsible for introducing many of the items that Sorelle Nurzia makes today, including their world-renowned torrone.

Produced By: Sorelle Nurzia
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Sorelle Nurzia Amaretti - 250g
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