Maglio Fichi al Cioccolato - 400g

Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Puglia
City / Village: Maglie

We found these figs on a Oldways trip to Puglia several years ago. And we knew they were good---we knew they were great---but we had no idea the stir they'd cause. Sure, good press helps (the figs were featured in Saveur Magazine after some editors had a taste), but the real clincher is in the taste. Tender Salento figs are stuffed with a whole locally grown almond, dipped in dark chocolate and packed in a gorgeous wooden box. A great treat for a fig lover (or a chocolate lover for that matter), and as with all of the Maglio products, a lovely gift.

Produced By: Maglio
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Maglio Fichi al Cioccolato - 400g
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